Hospital Dentistry
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Hospital Privileges

If you believe your child may require treatment with deep sedation or general anesthesia, we can help. Dr. Ball can complete your child's dental care in one visit at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, where she has been working with pediatric anesthesiologist Dr. Aaron Zuckerberg and his dedicated staff in the Children’s Diagnostic Center for many years. Dental treatment under general anesthesia may be appropriate for the following reasons:

Extensive treatment needs
Young age
Coping or cooperation difficulties
Complex or special health care needs

If you are unsure if your child requires hospital-based dentistry, call us today to schedule an evaluation and we can help determine what the best choice is for you and your family.

The Benefits Of Hospital Dentistry

Taking your child to the hospital for dental treatment may sound intimidating, but you can rest assured that we have a top-notch team with decades of combined experience equipped with the latest technologies.

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Dr. Ball will complete your child’s dental treatment while Dr. Zuckerberg, a Johns Hopkins trained, pediatric anesthesiologist will manage your child’s general anesthesia. Dr. Ball has completed over 350 full mouth rehabilitation cases with Dr. Zuckerberg and his team.

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A Safe Environment

Dr. Ball and the rest of the team at the Children’s Diagnostic Center at Sinai Hospital are committed to creating a non-threatening environment to keep you and your child calm, comfortable, and relaxed.

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Single-Visit Treatment

With the extensive experience of Dr. Ball and Dr. Zuckerberg combined, you can rest assured knowing that the entirety of your child’s treatment will be completed in one visit using general anesthesia. 

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Child-Friendly Hospital Dentistry

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Avoid Negative Memories

Children are constantly learning, and through their experiences developing a unique view of the world around them. Early formative experiences, such as visits to the dentist, can impact the way in which they view dentistry in the future. If a child is uncooperative, overly anxious or fearful, or just in need of extensive treatment or surgery, the use of general anesthesia can help. Hospital dentistry will minimize medicinal risk and protect your child’s developing mind by inhibiting the formation of negative associations between painful or scary procedures and the treatment of their dental problems. Depending on your child’s age, anxiety level, severity of dental disease, and other factors, dentistry with general anesthesia may be your best choice.

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When to Consider Hospital Dentistry

Many children can benefit from hospital-based dentistry with general anesthesia, especially if they are uncooperative, overly anxious, or have special health care needs including sensory processing disorders. If you think your little one may be a candidate for anesthesia during their dental treatment, or you want your child to avoid any negative memories when it comes to dental care, visit Shady Grove Pediatric Dentistry to discuss your hospital dentistry options.

Common FAQs About Hospital Dentistry For Children

Have questions about hospital dentistry? Get answers here!

Is Hospital Dentistry Only For Emergencies?

Not necessarily. Some situations require that a child be treated under general anesthesia, and most dental offices do not have the equipment or the certification to carry that out. Some children may have coping or cooperation issues, an exceedingly complex procedure, or could just be too young to handle the treatment they require.

Dr. Ball’s extensive training and accomplishments in the field of pediatric dentistry have allowed her to maintain hospital privileges, so your child can receive any and every dental treatment from the same doctor whom you and your child already trust. That’s Dr. Ball’s philosophy of continuity of compassionate care for children.

Giving Back: Raising Funds for St. Jude’s

Dr. Ball’s commitment to helping children does not stop at the doors of her dental practice. A portion of the proceeds from every new patient visit will be donated to St. Jude's in order to support the fight to end childhood cancer.