Children's Dentistry |10 Tips to Reduce Dental Anxiety

Children's Dentistry in Rockville, MD

Dental appointments can be a source of anxiety for many children. However, with some preparation and patience, parents can make the experience less stressful for their child and the whole family. Here are ten ways to reduce dental phobia in your kids and make children’s dentistry appointments less stressful for everyone:

#1 Start Visiting The Dentist Early

Introduce your child to your pediatric dentist at a young age. The earlier a child becomes comfortable with the dental environment, the less likely they are to experience anxiety.

#2 Use Positive Language About Dental Care

Use positive language when discussing dental appointments with your child. Avoid using words such as "pain" or "shot," and instead focus on the importance of keeping their teeth healthy.

#3 Bring Comfort To The Dental Chair

Allowing your child to bring a comfort object, such as a stuffed animal or a blanket, can help them feel more at ease during the appointment.

#4 Explain The Appointment

Before the appointment, explain to your child what will happen during the visit. Use age-appropriate language about teeth cleaning dental procedures and show them pictures of the pediatric dentist, dental office, and equipment to help them visualize what to expect.

#5 Play "dentist" At Home 

Play "dentist" at home with your child. Doing this can help familiarize young children with the process and make pediatric dentistry appointments less intimidating.

#6 Reward Good Behavior 

Let your child know you are proud of them for being brave during their dental appointment. Consider rewarding them with a small healthy treat or fun activity afterward.

#7 Watch Videos Together

Watch pediatric dental treatment videos on YouTube together that explains what happens during a dental appointment. Educational videos can help alleviate the fear of the dentist or misconceptions your child may have.

#8 Find A Child-Friendly Dentist

Look for a dentist who provides comprehensive dental care for children and has a child-friendly office. It makes a big difference in helping your child feel at ease.

#9 Talk To The Dentist

If your child is anxious, talk to the dentist before the appointment. They can take extraordinary measures to help your child relax, such as providing a mild sedative.

#10 Stay Calm 

Children often mirror the behavior of their parents. Your child is more likely to follow suit if you are calm and patient.

Following these ten tips, parents can make dental appointments less stressful for their children. Remember that every child is different, and what works for one may not work for another. 

Suppose your child continues to experience dental anxiety. In that case, it is crucial to speak with Dr. Ball about the possibility of sedation dentistry or nitrous oxide. She can provide additional guidance on how to make the experience more comfortable for your child.

Visit Shady Grove Pediatric Dentistry in Rockville, MD

Although going to the dentist can be difficult for some, avoiding the dentist can lead to many more oral health problems later in life. At Shady Grove Pediatric Dentistry, in Rockville, Maryland, we specialize in treating children and strive to help create long-term positive relationships between dentists and patients. We want the best for your child's teeth. 

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